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Limited Commercial Remodel

Limited Commercial Remodel of Existing Buildings

For a limited commercial remodel, the following shall be met for the owner of the building to perform the work without a Registered Design Professional drawing;
• Legal owner or Lessee of the building
• Operating a business from the building
• Not changing the Classification, Group or increasing occupant load
• Limited modification of structural members i.e. installation of doors, windows and non-load bearing walls
A one line drawing (to scale) showing the
• layout of the building
• types of materials used
• Means of Egress
• Electrical devices
Electrical and Plumbing work shall be performed by individuals who are licensed by the TDLR or TSBPE
All work performed outside this section shall refer to the Commercial Remodel/Addition of Existing Buildings. It shall be the discretion of the Building Official on the extent of the scope of work if it complies with the Limited Commercial Remodel.

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