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Public Information Request

Kristina Vega, Director of Administrative Services/City Secretary
City Hall
820 St. Joseph Street
Gonzales, TX 78629
Office: 830-672-2815
Fax: 830-672-2813
email: citysecretary@gonzales.texas.gov

Rights of Requestor

You have the right to:

  • Prompt access to information that is not confidential or otherwise protected;
  • Received treatment equal to all requestors, including accommodation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements;
  • Receive certain kinds of information without exceptions, like the voting of public officials, and other information;
  • Receive a written statement of estimated charges, when charges will exceed $40, in advance of work being started and opportunity to modify the request in response to the itemized statement;
  • Choose whether to inspect the requested information (most often at no charge), receive copies of the information or both;
  • A waiver or reduction of charges if the governmental body determines that access to the information primarily benefits the general public;
  • Receive a copy of the communication from the governmental body asking the Office of the Attorney General for a ruling on whether the information can be withheld under one of the accepted exceptions, or if the communication discloses the requested information, a redacted copy;
  • Lodge a written complaint about overcharges for public information with the Office of the Attorney General. Complaints of other possible violations may be filed with the county or district attorney of the county where the governmental body, other than a state agency, is located. If the complaint is against the county or district attorney, the complaint must be filed with the Office of the Attorney General.

Procedures to Obtain Information

    • Submit a request by mail, fax, e-mail or in person according to a governmental body’s reasonable procedures.
    • Include enough description and detail about the information requested to enable the governmental body to accurately identify and locate the information requested.
    • Cooperate with the governmental body’s reasonable efforts to clarify the type or amount of information requested.

Cost of Records
Standard paper copy. -- $.10 per page
Nonstandard copy.
A. Diskette -- $1.00 each
B. Magnetic Tape -- actual cost
C. Data Cartridge -- actual cost
D. Tape Cartridge -- actual cost
E. Rewritable CD -- $1.00 each
F. Non-rewritable CD -- $1.00 each
G. Digital Video Disc -- $3.00 each
H. JAZ drive -- actual cost
I. Other electronic media actual cost
J. VHS videocassette -- $2.50 each
K. Audio cassette -- $1.00 each
L. Oversize paper copy (e.g. 11”x17”, greenbar, bluebar, not including maps and photographs using specialty paper) -- $.50 per page
M. Specialty paper (e.g.: Mylar, blueprint, blueline, map, photographic) -- actual cost

Programming Labor Charge -- $28.50 per hour
Labor Charge for locating, compiling, and reproducing public
Information. -- $15.00 per hour
[A labor charge shall not be billed with requests that are for 50
or fewer pages of paper records, unless records are in separate

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