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Fire Marshal

City of Gonzales Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal

Scott Raven
Office: (830) 519-4270
Cell: (830) 263-3279
Email: sraven@gonzales.texas.gov


The City of Gonzales Fire Department - Fire Marshal’s Office

The primary mission of the Gonzales Fire Department, Fire Marshal’s Office, is to protect the lives and property of the citizens, businesses and visitors to the City of Gonzales from fires, natural and man-made hazards, and other significant events. The Fire Marshal executes this responsibility with pride and under the highest standards of professionalism, efficiency, integrity and accountability.

The Fire Marshal is responsible for:

  • Commercial and construction fire inspections
  • Fire code compliance
  • Fire and Explosive investigations
  • Fire systems permitting
  • Life safety and protection system plans review
  • Fire and Life Safety education

The Fire Marshal, in addition to being a certified fire inspector, fire and arson investigator, is a licensed peace officer and has full enforcement powers of the fire code, city ordinances, state and federal laws.

The Fire Marshal is a Battalion Chief in the Fire Department and is active in all aspects of the Fire Department.

In addition to the Fire Marshal, the Fire Marshal’s Office staff also consists of 4 Fire Inspectors, 1 Fire Investigator and 1 Fire and Arson Investigator that is also a licensed Peace Officer.

Forms and Submittal Requirements

Gonzales adopted the 2015 International Fire Code

IFC 506.1 Key Boxes. Where access to a structure or area is restricted the Fire Marshal is authorized to require a key box, padlock or key switch. Examples: A key box is required on all new commercial buildings or if substantial expansion or modifications are done. A key box, padlock or key switch is required on all access gates to commercial property. We recommend installing the residential key box at locations where the occupant may not be able to get to the door to open it for emergency services. Examples are people with mobility issues, handicaps and know medical issues.

IFC 912.4.1 Locking fire department connecting caps. Fire department connections are required to have Knox FDC caps/plug.

Key Boxes, padlocks, switch and caps -

Knox brand are the approved key boxes, padlocks for the City of Gonzales. Go to www.knoxbox.com to place orders.

Key Box Information -

The operator of the building shall immediately notify the Fire Marshal and provide the new key when a lock is changed or re-keyed. The key to such lock shall be secured in the key box. The key box shall be installed according to the following requirements.

  • Height
  • Location
  • Visibility
  • Identification
  • Master key to the facility
  • Fire alarm panel
  • Manual pull station
  • Elevator
  • Any additional keys to fire equipment rooms not opened by the master key

The key box shall be installed at a height of 5 ½ feet from finished grade.

The key box shall be installed immediately to the right hand side of the door at the main entrance to the facility at the height designated above. Facilities with a dedicated Fire Sprinkler/Fire Alarm room may place the key box to the right hand side of that access door.

The key box should be readily visible to responding emergency personnel. The key box shall not be obstructed in any way that would prevent it from being readily accessible.

If multiple keys or access cards are needed for the facility, the keys/access cards shall be identified as to what they will open (tag, engraving, etc.) and must fit into the vault. If too many keys are present, a larger key box will be required by the Fire Marshal.

Gates -

Key boxes may be installed on a steel post next to the access gate.

Padlocks - Knox padlocks may be placed on access gate chain or locking device. If used on a chain, we require that you cut the required length of hardened logging chain in half and place your padlock on one end and the Knox padlock on the other side.

Key switches – Gates and access doors that have automatic closures require a Knox key switch and backing plate. The key switch and its red “FIRE” backing plate should be installed in or on the side your key pad box.

Fire Department Connections –

All fire sprinkler connection and standpipe connections shall be equipped with Knox FDC caps/plug locking caps.

Occupant Load Information

Fire Lane Access

Fire Flow Test Report

Fire Flow Test Data Sheet


Fire Alarm

Fire Sprinkler

Fixed Pipe Suppression

Storage Tanks



The Fire Department and Fire Marshal’s Office prove a variety of public education and training programs for our community.

  • Station tours of our historic fire station built in 1908.
  • Speakers and presentations at community events.
  • Conduct merit badge training for the youth of our community such as Boy and Girl Scouts.
  • We can provide fire extinguisher demonstrations and training for the home or workplace. Note: you will need to provide the fire extinguishers for any hands-on training.
  • The Fire Department in collaboration with the Gonzales Independent School District instructs a junior fire academy for select High School Juniors and Seniors.
  • The Fire Fighters and Fire Marshal conduct fire safety programs at the pre and elementary schools during Fire Prevention Week in October.
  • Top fire causes
  • Regional Risks
  • Seasonal fire causes
  • Specific groups at risk
  • Behavioral risks
  • Wildfire

To request a tour, demonstration or speaker, please contact our Fire Marshal via phone, or online.

Note: Due to the pandemic situation and to ensure the safety of our public safety personnel, station tours and in person classes and speaking may be eliminated, reduced or modified for everyone’s health and safety. Contact the Fire Marshal to inquire.

The most up to date fire safety information is found in the link below. If you need more information, please contact us.

Public Education- NFPA

Note the sections inside that link:

Fire Causes and Risks

Staying Safe

Teaching Tools

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