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Advisory Board

Board Information

The City Council is responsible for appointing individuals to serve on the boards and committees listed below. The City Council makes most appointments in September each year for terms starting October, with the exception of a few boards. The City typically advertises for applicants in the summer.

On October 10, 2019, the City Council adopted Ordinance 2019-20 establishing a Code of Ethics and Conduct for City Officials and Employees. Every individual employed by the City of Gonzales or appointed to a board, committee or commission governed by the City of Gonzales, must read and understand the City of Gonzales Code of Ethics.


  • Leadership abilities and a commitment to the growth and redevelopment of Gonzales.
  • Enthusiastic, willing to try new ideas and bring a high level of creativity to redevelopment process.
  • 4-10 hours per month of available time outside of board meetings
  • Supports board decisions, Main Street Director, and City of Gonzales, even when he or she may disagree with the majority decision.
  • Understands the mission & vision of the Main Street Program
  • promotes goals and activities to his or her own constituent groups and to the community as a whole.
  • Attends the majority of board meetings (not missing 3 or more consecutive meetings)
  • Attends as many special events and fundraisers as possible
  • Attends the mandatory Board Training and workshops held each year by the Texas Historical Commission
  • Contributes knowledge, financial resources or labor to Gonzales Main Street.
  • Offers opinions honestly, without reservation and in a constructive way.
  • Does not commit more time to the Main Street program than he or she can realistically afford delegates responsibilities to committees when appropriate.
  • Promotes unity within the organization and seeks to resolve conflicts takes responsibility of his/her position on the board and takes appropriate action if life situations alter his/her time commitment.

2022 - 2023 Main Street Advisory Board

Britney Caka
Farm Bureau Agent
Main Street Board Chairperson
2020 - Present
Valerie Daniels
Guadalupe County CSCD
Probation Officer
Main Street Board Vice President
Joey Moss
McCoy's Building Supply
Main Street Board Treasurer
2022 - Present
Kayla Craven
Crew Men's Store
Main Street Board Secretary
2022 - Present
DeDe DeStefano
Communications Executive
Main Street Board Member
Amy Peeler
Court Administrator
County of Gonzales
Main Street Board Member
2021 - Present
Linda Brown
Peach Creek Antiques
Main Street Board Member
2022 - Present
Tiffany Hutchinson-Padilla
Main Street Director
2022 - Present

Past Main Street Advisory Board Members

Michelle Tucker
Gonzales Gateway Fellowship Church
Main Street Board Member
2022 - 2023
Adriane Hastings
Main Street Board Member
2021 - 2023
Business Development Manager
Christine Presley
Main Street Board Member
2020 - 2022
Destiny Pierpont
Main Street Board Member
Elandee Boutique
Naomi Wells
Main Street Board Member 2022
Customer Support
Rackspace Technology
Gregory Webb, Chairman
Main Street Board Member 2018 - 2021
911 Addressing & GIS Specialist for Guadalupe County
John Boothe, Vice Chairman
Main Street Board Member 2015 - 2021
BYK Additives
Connie Dolezal, Treasurer
Main Street Board Member 2009 - 2021
Shear Designs Boutique, Owner & Operator
Meena Patel, Recording Secretary
Main Street Board Member 2019 - 2021
Best Western Regency Inn & Suites, Owner
The Texas Lodge, Owner
Karen Jacobs, Secretary
Main Street Board Member 2017 - 2021
Local Author & Owner of the historic Long Branch Saloon Gonzales Long Branch Saloon
Debbie Toliver
Main Street Board Member 2009 - 2021
D&K Sweets and Cleans
D'Anna Robinson
Main Street Board Member 2020
Title-Marketing Coordinator
Excel Complete Home Healthcare
Cherri Lane
Main Street Board Member 2020
Comfy Pet and Lou's Canoes, Owner & Operator
Carlos Camarillo
Main Street Board Member 2014 - 2021
W. B. Farm & Ranch
Amy Cernosek
Main Street Board Member 2020
Angels & Outlaws, Owner & Operator


Main Street is looking for motivated volunteers who would like to help with the revitalization of our historic downtown. Please contact Kristina Vega, City Secretary, at 830-672-2815 or for more information: https://www.gonzales.texas.gov/p/government/boards--commissions
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