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City of Gonzales Tent Permit Requirements

Tent Permit Requirements

No person shall erect, operate or maintain a tent or air supported structure covering and area of four hundred (400) square feet, or greater without a permit. Tents used exclusively for camping and funeral purposes shall be exempt from the above requirements. The above regulation shall apply to any structure, enclosure or shelter constructed of canvas or pliable material supported by any manner except by air or the contents it protects.

All tents and air supported structures and all decorations shall be flame retardant material or shall be made flame-retardant. A copy of the Certificate of Flame Resistance shall be submitted to the Fire Marshal, and the application filled out before a permit can be issued. The permit and the Certificate of Flame Resistance shall be kept on site.

The following requirements apply to all tents and air supported structures:

  • Site plan must be submitted with application.
  • No smoking signs
  • Exit signs
  • At least one (1) Fire Extinguisher (2A 10B:C, 5 lb. min.) placed so that the travel distance is not more than seventy five (75) feet, and no more than thirty (30) feet from any cooking devices. Additional extinguishers may be required to meet this requirement.
  • All electrical cords shall be in good operating condition, and capable of handling the load for particular use, to include the use of extension cords.
  • All heat-producing equipment shall be kept at least twenty (20) feet from any combustible material and may be subject to Fire Marshal approval.
  • Tents shall be kept at least twelve (12) feet from any structure; the use of multiple tents connected together shall not exceed seven hundred (700) square feet.
  • At least two (2) exits must be maintained at all times. As the size of the tents increase, the number of exits may also increase.

Additional requirements or exceptions may be implemented based on size and use.

Permits are required every time a tent is erected or relocated.

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