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City of Gonzales Fire Alarm Plan Requirements

Fire Alarm Plan Submittal Requirements

Fire Alarm Systems installed within the City of Gonzales shall meet all the requirements of the 2015 International Fire Code and Building Code, local amendments, as well all applicable NFPA Standards. All final systems testing and inspections will be witnessed by the Gonzales Fire Marshal’s Office. The following is a checklist of information that should be used as an aid and is not intended to cover every code requirement. The submitting contractor is responsible for complying with all local adopted codes, standards and amendments.

☐Permit Application

  • Plans will not be received without a completed application

☐Copy of current license issued by the State of Texas Fire Marshal (1 Copy)

  • System designer
  • Contractor/Company
  • Installers

☐Submittal Packet (1 Copy)

  • System design description
  • Manufacturer’s product information sheets of listed devices
  • Battery calculations
  • Voltage drop calculations
  • Wiring specifications
  • Riser diagram
  • List of materials
  • Addressable device list/Zone legend
  • List primary and secondary power

☐1/8 Scaled Plans (3 copies)

  • Legend
  • North arrow
  • Floor plans drawn that are free extraneous information
  • All rooms labeled for intended use
  • Separate circuit wiring (not conduit) diagrams for initiating and indicating circuits
  • Complete device-to-device wiring including end-of-line resistors where applicable
  • Device address numbers
  • System designers stamp and wet seal

☐Modification Permit (Up to 10 devices)

  • Permit application
  • Copy of licenses
  • Plans 1/8 scale, three(3) copies, stamped and wet signed
  • Legend showing existing, relocated, or additional devices
  • Cut sheets for each new device or piece of equipment

☐Required Inspections

  • Final acceptance

To include testing of the following items:

  • Pull stations
  • Smoke detection (with smoke)
  • Heat detection ( with heat)
  • Audio visual devices
  • Visual devices
  • Monitoring capacities
  • Other systems tied to the system
  • Final acceptance


Plans review process may take up to ten (10) working days. Incomplete plans may require that the plans be resubmitted. System acceptance inspections are required and should be called in at least twenty four (24) hours prior to the requested inspection times. A re-inspection fee of $50.00 will be assessed on systems that are not in complete compliance with all applicable codes. All devices will be tested in an approved manner.

The installation shall be in accordance with the approved plans. Any deviation from the approved plans must be discussed and approved by the AHJ. Some changes will require a re-submittal to the Fire Marshal’s Office and an additional review fee will be assessed. Final approvals are subject to field inspections.

Installation shall not begin without a plan submittal and Fire Marshal approval.

Installation/Modification permit and an approved set of plans shall remain at the job site and provided to Inspectors when requested.

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