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Fire Department Access

Fire Apparatus Access Roads (Fire Lanes)

This information has been compiled to assist in the proper installation of fire department access roads and fire lanes. The following are the minimum requirements and any changes or variations from these requirements must be approved by the Fire Marshal prior to construction and/or marking of any fire apparatus access road/fire lane.

These requirements are taken from the 2015 International Fire Code Chapter 5, Section 503 and the City Ordinances Chapter 5 article 5.100 General Provisions, amending the International Fire Code.

Approved fire apparatus access roads shall be provided for every facility, building, or portion of a building. The fire apparatus road shall comply with the requirements of this section and shall extend to within one hundred fifty (150) feet of all portions of the facility or any portions of the exterior wall of the first story of the building as measured by an approved route around the exterior of the building or facility.


Fire apparatus access roads shall have an unobstructed width of not less than twenty four (24) feet except for approved security gates in accordance with Section 503.6, and an unobstructed vertical clearance of not less than thirteen (13) feet six (6) inches.


Fire apparatus access roads shall be designed and maintained to support the imposed loads of fire apparatus and shall be surfaced so as to provide all-weather driving capabilities.

Turning Radius:

The required turning radius of a fire apparatus access road shall be a minimum of thirty five (35) feet inner radius and fifty five (55) feet exterior radius, unless approved by the fire code official.


Dead-end fire apparatus access roads in excess of one hundred fifty (150) feet in length shall be provided with width and turnaround provisions in accordance with Table D103.4 found in Appendix D.


Fire apparatus access roads shall not exceed six (6) percent in grade.


Approved markings, signs, or other notices to identify such roads or prohibit the obstruction thereof shall be provided for fire apparatus access roads.

  • Striping – The top and face of road curbs shall be painted utilizing red traffic paint.
  • Signage – When required, signage indicating “NO PARKING FIRE LANE” or “FIRE LANE NO PARKING” shall be spaced at a maximum of fifty (50) feet apart, along the length of the fire lane.
  • If no curbs are present, a six (6) inch wide stripe painted of traffic red paint shall be painted on the driving surface to show the boundaries of the lane.
  • The words “NO PARKING FIRE LANE” or “FIRE LANE NO PARKING” shall appear in four (4) inch white letters spaced at twenty five (25) feet intervals on the red border markings along both sides of the fire lanes.

  • Twelve (12) Inch by Eighteen (18) Inch
  • Two (2) Inch Lettering
  • White Reflective Background
  • Red Lettering

No person may mark, post, or otherwise identify a non-fire lane private vehicular passageway as a fire lane or in such a manner as tends to create confusion as to whether the passageway is a fire lane.

Obstruction of Fire Apparatus Access Road:

Fire apparatus access roads/ fire lanes shall not be obstructed by persons in any manner, including parking, stopping, or standing any non-emergency vehicle, whether attended or unattended, in a fire lane. The minimum widths and clearances established in any area designated as fire apparatus access road/fire lane shall be maintained at all times. The owner or person being in control of a property shall maintain, free of obstruction all fire apparatus access roads/fire lanes on their premises.

Maintaining the Fire Lane:

The Fire Code requires the owner or person in control of the property to maintain the fire apparatus access road/fire lane. Signs or notices and striping shall be maintained in a clean and legible condition at all times and be replaced or repaired when necessary to provide adequate visibility.

Nothing in these guidelines shall be construed to affect the validity or enforcement of previously installed and approved access road and fire lane markings.

For more information, contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at (830) 519-4270.

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