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Fire Department Access Key Boxes

Fire Department Access

(Key Boxes)

This information has been compiled to assist in the proper installation of fire department key access device. Knox brand key boxes are the approved key boxes for the City of Gonzales. Go to www.knoxbox.com to place orders.

Key Box Maintenance

The operator of the building shall immediately notify the Fire Code Official and provide the new key when a lock is changed or re-keyed. The key to such lock shall be secured in the key box. The key box shall be installed according to the following requirements.

  • Height
  • Location
  • Visibility
  • Identification
  • Master key to the facility
  • Fire alarm panel
  • Manual pull station
  • Elevator
  • Any additional keys to fire equipment rooms not opened by the master key

The key box shall be placed at a height of 5 ½ feet from finished grade.

The key box shall be placed immediately to the right hand side of the door at the main entrance to the facility at the height designated above.

The key box should be readily visible to responding emergency personnel. The key box shall not be obstructed in any way that would prevent it from being readily accessible.

If multiple keys are needed for the facility, the keys shall be identified as to what they will open (tag, engraving, etc.) and must fit into the vault. If too many keys are present, other arrangements must be approved by the Fire Code Official.

Required Keys

If it is not possible to install the key box at the location and height required, the Fire Code Official will determine where the key box will be installed.

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